Sunday, February 1, 2009

Training and traveling

I have committed to training or should I say riding more than last year. This opportunity to represent GT/NEMBA is both exciting and motivating. Lars is now old enough that it is becoming easier to get out and get exercise on a regular basis and I am finally learning to be better organized about training. Last week I was in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico to visit our plant that is in the midst of moving from Nogales to Guaymas. I figured that since it would be nice and warm I would bring my travel bike. I got in 50 miles of MTB in the 3 days that I was there. Apparently there is quite a network of trails there. Now I have a bigger incentive to learn spanish.

Over the weekend I spent several hours on the trainer as it was in the low teens. We also did a family hike.

This past week I didn't get much opportunity to exercise. Catching up from a trip is always difficult. For me it usually means working 60-70 hours.

I am making up for some of it this weekend though. Yesterday we did a hike at McClean Game refuge. It was strenuous to say the least. I was pulling Lars in the chariot with the skis on it and the 1inch of icy crust on top of 10 inches of snow made for a great workout. It is great training and Lars absolutely loves being outside. I also had a chance to get on the trainer for 1:15hrs when Lars took his nap. It was a good chance to catch up on some of the week's episodes of the Jon Stewart show on I was definitely tired from the hike but still had a good workout.

Today I plan on hiking for and hour and then hitting the trainer again. I checked out the roads abit yesterday and there is still quite a bit of ice here in Granby. I am sure that it is worse in the hills.

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