Monday, February 23, 2009

I have been a bit lazy with the blog posts recently. Things have been extremely busy at work. Last week my Sales Manager was on vaca and this week my Quality Manager is at our plant in Mexico. Needless to say I have still been getting in the time on the bike. After my epic day a couple of weeks ago I have spent a bunch of time on the trainer and hiking. Two weekends ago I did my normal combination of walking a bunch of miles with Lars in the stroller and then an intense workout on the trainer for an hour. However, that Sunday I ventured out for some time in the hills also. I live at the base of a seven mile climb. It is a great way to humble yourself. It took me about 2 minutes longer than normal to reach the top but I blame it on the cyclocross tires on my bike. Either way it felt good to get a nice long climb in my legs.
This past weekend I worked most of the day so I had to scramble abit to get a workout in before our friends that own Tolland Bicycle came over for dinner. I did get in about 4 miles of walking with Mel and Lars and then a 1 hour trainer workout. It is nice to see the power output going up every week. Yesterday, I headed out into the woods at the Maclean Game Refuge with on of my best friends, Ted D., for a cross country excursion. We do these awesome hikes that end up being a combination of trails and bushwhacking. They also end up being very hilly. He knows how to get into shape! Even though my legs were a little tired I geared up and hit the trainer as soon as Lars went down for his nap. Another good hour.
Tonight I tried something new. Mel got the Wii Fit for her birthday from her brother Mike. It is really cool. I am not a video game person at all but with the training side of it I am a bit of a convert. It will also be a bit of a competition with the Wii age. I have lost 4 lbs in the past week and my Wii age is down to 39. I need to do more cross training...

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