Friday, July 17, 2009

Off to Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico for a week of work. Monday morning I hit the road early to visit our manufacturing plant in Guaymas. It is not the most fun time of the year to visit. The temp was in the mid 90s all week with high humidity. You don't want to be outside.

I spent my time catching up with my General Manager and reviewing the progress of the plant.

I did get in some exercise also. I opted not to bring my bike this time as it is just too hot late in the day to ride back to the hotel from the shop. Instead I figured that it was time to start doing a little running. As I sit here in the airport on Friday night I remember how painful it is to start running again after not for awhile. I keep vowing to maintain some running but I just love riding too much. Oh well....

I also went to visit a customer in Tijuana. The plane flight from Guaymas to Phoenix to San Diego was uneventful. The transition between flights wasn't. We arrived in Phoenix about 45 minutes late. I had about 40 minutes to get off the plane, get my luggage, pass through customs, go back through security and get to my gate. I ran the last stretch to the gate. Boy am I glad that I did! I got to the gate and the door was closed. I jogged up to desk and commented in a sad tone that I missed the flight. The flight attendant looked at me and said "I will open the door if ou run down the jetway and jump in the first available seat." I made it! That was the closest that I have ever come to missing a flight. I wish that I knew the name of the USAirways attendant to send a note to the company telling them how much I appreciate what she did.

I did have a nice view from my hotel room in San Diego, albeit I got to the room at 11pm and left at 6am.
I can't tell you much about Tijuana as we took a shuttle straight to the factory and then back across the border. It looked very similar to Nogales. Lot's of people and activity.

I was able to spend the late afternoon in San Diego's Gas Light Quarter and walking along the bay. It is a nice city. I would like to come back and explore southern California someday.

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