Monday, September 21, 2009

Landmine Classic MTB

Two weeks ago I did my final single bike MTB race of the year. It was the Landmine Classic in Hingham, MA. After an extremely rainy Saturday the race promised to be wet. We had stayed a friend's house near Boston the night before so we didn't have too far to travel. So after a fantastic breakfast of pancakes and coffee we headed out. We got to the general area with enough time but the Google directions let me down. So after about 30 minutes of going by gut feel we got to the race with just enough time to get ready and line up.

The race course was a single 25 mile loop. I like this format. It helps keep the different classes separated better. We started out in the usual fast pace and quickly settled in as we reached the single track. The first part of the course was fast singletrack that was moderately technical. As the race progressed we got into some terrain that had relentless roots and rocks. This part, although I really like this kind of riding, really took its toll on me. Did I mention the hub deep water also? It made for some really tricky lines through wet roots and slimy bridges. Fortunately, I was able to keep the rubber side down for the whole race.

I didn't feel great on this day but sure had alot of fun riding this course. I will be back next year and maybe if I can find the fitness I will do the 50 miler.

Mel and Lars also had a great time riding the roads and dirt roads of the park.

Although this was my last single bike race I will be racing the VT50 on a tandem for the 3rd year on Sept. 27 and then look forward to a handful of cyclocross races.

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